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VaMos 2021 | February 09 – 11, 2021 | Krems, Austria

VaMoS 2021 will be held at the IMC Krems University of Applied Science in Krems an der Donau, Austria.

COVID-19 update: The safety of our community is a top priority for the organizing committee of VaMoS’21. It is primarily for this reason, and because of multiple travelling and local logistics constraints, that we have decided to make the conference a completely virtual event. This gives us the opportunity to make VaMoS’21 accessible to the largest audience possible and we are working on the technical setup to run it in the spirit of VaMoS. Additionally, we will minimize the registration fees for all participants as much as possible. We will provide in due course further details on the platforms we will use and all related logistics. The conference date and the submission deadline will not be changed.


VaMoS’21 will be organised as a virtual event from IMC Krems, University of Applied Technologies.

The IMC Krems has a strong research focus, dedicated to making research results directly accessible in the practice. The importance and role of technology in the organisational, corporate, and social context has long been recognised and present in teaching and research. In 2019, a new institute for Digitalization was founded, consolidating existing expertise at the institution and providing a foundation for further development. In September 2019, students of the first cohort of the English-speaking study programme Informatics have commenced their studies. The IMC Krems works alongside other research institutions as well as companies to further research in information and communication technologies, such as VR and AR, digitalization of corporate processes, and data science.

Krems an der Donau

Krems is an economic and educational hub. It is a major centre of education in Austria with state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent public transport. Students from all over the world play a virtal part in the life of this town. Krems blends the traditional and the modern an is well known for its culture and hospitality. A short drive from the Austrian capital, Vienna, Krems is the eastern gateway to the Wachau Valley. Set in one of Europe’s most picturesque river landscapes, its history stretches back more than one thousand years. The historic old town is one of the most beautiful in Austria, and over centuries, builders and architects have created a unique character that has been lovingly maintained and preserved. In 1975 Krems was designated a Model City for Historical Preservation, and in 2000 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.